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Dr. Laurel A. Sills, (Psy.D.) Doctor of Psychology and founder of Build A Stronger You! Life Coaching & Therapy ® provides Short-term Therapy, EMDR, Medical Psychology, Couples Therapy, Consulting and Life Coaching for people of all cultures, color and sexual orientation. Resolve problems of today or heal ongoing pain from yesterday that prevents you from living life to your fullest potential. If your past has created painful obstacles that keep you repeating self-sabotaging patterns, therapy would help you identify blocks, dismantle barriers, and bring you up to a level of self-acceptance that you deserve. Smart people get help to resolve issues that hold them back.  In today’s hectic and isolating environment, who wouldn’t benefit from a well-trained, empathic professional to help you stay your course in creating a more balanced and rewarding life.

“I teach my clients to utilize their spiritual and intuitive beliefs, passions and skills as they work to return to the innocent, loveable, beautiful souls each one of us was born to be, and move out of their rut as quickly as possible to a happier, more deliberately-guided life, free of beliefs that perpetuate pain.”

From Sexual Dysfunction to Ulcerative Colitis, Multiples Sclerosis to Sarcoidosis, Fertility problems to Fibromyalgia, she understands what you are going through.

Couples, married or not, gay or straight, resolve issues from spiraling arguments and lack of intimacy to recovering from marital affairs as they learn to be expressive of feelings and needs and realistic in their expectations.

Dr. Sills will assess your entire bio-psychological system to fully understand your problems and shift them to solution.