Health and Wellbeing

“Dis-ease” is really “dis-comfort” in any realm (physical, emotional, or spiritual) which, if left unresolved, manifests as physical problems.” ~ Dr. Laurel A. Sills

Dr. Laurel Sills specializes in HEALTH PSYCHOLOGY helping clients reclaim their health to the greatest degree possible in conjunction with your team of physicians and other health care providers.

She’s worked in hospitals and chronic pain centers which specialized in treating Migraine Headaches and Chronic Pain through biofeedback, relaxation and therapy. She’s worked in Emergency rooms to help people deal with physical and emotional emergencies, and trained in in Consultation/Liaison Psychiatry during her Doctoral Internship at Henry Ford Hospital. From temporary delirium due to electrolyte imbalances to helping folks cope with transplants, cancer, painful conditions and procedures, and adjust to acute and chronic conditions, Dr. Sills makes sure you rule out medical problems first before assuming your problems are purely emotional.  She has worked extensively with Gynecologists’ patients who suffer from various problems affecting fertility, childbearing, and post-partum depression.

Minimize pain and manage your life with the least amount of medications possible
Having dealt with an unusual autoimmune condition of her own, she is an excellent advocate and will teach you to assert your needs with your physicians and listen to your gut when you feel something’s wrong.

The Mind and Body are intimately connected
Long-term anger, resentment and emotional pain are toxic and eventually create cellular changes in our bodies that show up as physical pain and illness.

Healing is a journey where the growing pains of self-exploration are less than the pain of not changing.  Enrich your life with healthy self-care.

Address problems that worsen your health:

  • Stress
  • Fear
  • Anger
  • Addictions
  • Holding In Emotions
  • Lack Of Exercise
  • Toxic Environments
  • Toxic Relationships
  • Negative Beliefs
  • Poor Eating Habits
  • Poor Drinking Habits
  • Poor Thinking Habits

Support  For You and Your Family  Multiple Sclerosis, Sarcoidosis, Lupus, Diabetes, Fibromyalgia, Cancer, Crohn’s Disease, Ulcerative Colitis, Esophageal Spasms, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Scleroderma, Chronic Fatigue, Heart Attack Recovery, Interstitial Bladder, Alcohol Addiction, Loss of limbs, Back Pain, Burn Disfiguration, anxiety producing medical procedures, etc.