My Philosophy is that we have the Strength, Wisdom and Power to Change!


Short-term therapy: I believe in helping you achieve your goals as fast as possible.
Good therapy should not take years! You really can resolve emotional pain and make significant life improvements within 20 visits. At 45 minutes for each session, we will be talking for about 15 hours or less of your life. I am trained to provide crisis intervention and short-term dynamic therapy. You will know you’re getting somewhere from the first visit.

Attitude is everything: You must be motivated for me to work with you!
You are with me to work, confront yourself, learn self-compassion and make changes. Complaining just to complain won’t work. To change your life, change your thinking and actions. Think your way into a new way of feeling, doing and being utilizing the language of hope, positivity and possibility.

Healing is a Journey: We are spiritual beings having a human experience.
We all share the human experience of learning through pain, finding our own way, and learning to be our Best Selves. While we share similarities in our needs to have meaning and joy in our lives, each one of us has to go through our journey at our own pace and arrive at a place of readiness to learn and look within on our own time table. We are all works in process…learning to love ourselves and others in a most accepting, non-judgmental and forgiving way. I am human and certainly make lots of mistakes. But, I have learned the art of self-compassion, self-love and forgiveness. This has allowed me to be more accepting and forgiving of others. Recognizing and correcting our mistakes is what makes us grow.

Spiritual Practice: We are not alone. Our spirits are connected to a greater, unifying, loving Source. As souls, we are all one. I make use of God-winks, “coincidences” and reminders that we have Guidance on this Earth from a Greater Source. I am but one tool on Earth, a conduit, for Spirit to work through as we work together. My beliefs are Universal and Neutral …The Golden Rule…Love, Acceptance, Forgiveness. Love connects. Fear separates.