Dr. Laurel A. Sills, Psy.D. is one of the most sought after and accomplished Clinical Psychologists in Michigan in the Detroit Metropolitan Suburban area.

In her tireless efforts to help all that can benefit from her extensive knowledge, education and experience, Dr. Sills offers a series of services she has developed to help not only the individual person, but larger collections of people who can benefit in their own personal or workplace group environment.

Dr. Sills offers the following services to interested individuals or organizations:

  • Short-Term Therapy
  • Life Coaching
  • Consulting
  • Guest Speaking
  • Freelance Writing

Whether you are an individual in need of short-term therapy or a company looking to provide coaching to your employees on how to live and experience their lives in a more complete and fulfilling way, Dr. Laurel A. Sills, Psy.D. is ready to help.