Sexuality: “You can get help, and not have to feel embarrassed.”

Body Image Comfort: Intimacy is a natural part of loving romantic relationships. If you have body image issues and are self-consciousness undressing or feeling sensual with your mate, work through beliefs that make you shy away from a healthy intimate life.

Sexual Abuse Recovery: 1 in 4 women and 1 in 6 boys may be sexually abused. 62% of the sexual abuse offenders are known to the victim with more than 40% of rapes being perpetrated by a person that the female victim called a “friend” or an acquaintance. With kids, it is often someone the family often trusts. Rid beliefs that you are shameful, at fault, dirty, damaged, unwanted, not masculine (if boys or men), or that you deserved the abuse. These thoughts lead to self-destructive behaviors and interfere with intimate relationships and confidence. Dr. Sills will help you openly address and overcome what happened to you and resolve the trauma and the resulting beliefs, nightmares, PTSD and help you avoid being a target for further abuse. I use EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing) to help you resolve your pain faster.

Sexual Dysfunction: There are times when you want to be sexual, but you are nervous, cannot perform, or find sexuality to be difficult, painful or not very satisfying. If you suffer from low sexual desire, erectile failure, premature ejaculation, painful intercourse, Vaginismus (muscle spasms that are so strong that penetration is very difficult or impossible) or you are no longer orgasmic, you are not alone. Talking about your background, relationship, comfort level, upbringing, messages from your family, religion and culture about sex, and ruling out medical problems that may interfere with your optimal joy are all part of the treatment. You will talk in the office and be given homework to do in the privacy of your own home. Note: Our work is NOT sexual surrogacy.

Chronic Pelvic Pain: If you have painful intercourse, Vulvodynia, Irritable bladder, Interstitial Cystitis, Irritable Bowel, Low Back Pain or any other medical problem that caused pain in your pelvic region, your sexual drive and desire will be affected and will affect your partner or spouse. You can minimize pain, improve sleep, decrease addictive medications, be more assertive about your needs and limitations, and have healthy sensuality in your relationship.

Sexual Addiction: Focusing on inanimate magazines, pornography sites or illegal or unavailable partners to avoid risking the pain of rejection in a real relationship may be a sign of unhealthy addiction. If you are spending more time doing this rather than developing yourself and your relationships, you need help.