Short-Term Therapy

Emotional pain can be devastating.  It saps your energy, leads to or worsens physical problems, affects concentration, decision making, parenting,  relationships, work performance and sexual function.

If your life has erected painful obstacles and hurdles that make self-fulfillment difficult or keeps you repeating self-sabotaging patterns, come on in. I will help you identify blocks, dismantle barriers and lead you to a level of self-acceptance that you so much want to have.

Smart people get help to resolve issues that hold them back.  They aren’t concerned with what others will think if they get help in therapy to better themselves.

You won’t be in therapy forever.  I am trained in short-term therapy (Resolution of most within 20 sessions) and use tools from several theoretical perspectives to help you efficiently confront and resolve your problems in a goal-focused manner. I will help you identify, understand and stop unhealthy or self-sabotaging patterns in your life without feeling ashamed or embarrassed. My approach is personalized, interactive, down to earth, and supportive.

When appropriate, I use EMDR  which has been proven in research to show permanent resolution of many types of trauma much faster than just talking therapy alone. Incorporating this into your therapy as needed can really expedite your progress.

Accept yourself, stop being self-condemning and take charge of your life.

You deserve to be happy!