Patient Feedback and Testimonials

“Dr. Sills is excellent! Her quick diagnostic acuity, compassion, wisdom, and intuition inspired me to change my life.”  –Dr. Tom S.

“I’m amazed how fast you empowered me to make my life so much better!”

“You opened my eyes to things I didn’t want to see.  Life makes sense now!”

“The way you taught me to process my thoughts helps me be so much healthier in every way!”

“You really helped us transform. We were in separate rooms and barely talked.  We overcame a lot.”

“You did wonders for our marriage.  You taught us how to love. We are eternally grateful.”

“Your wisdom really helped. My kids and I get along great now.”

“Your voice is still with me after 13 years!”

“I am happy with my life. Thanks for being such a huge part of my recovery.”

“You opened my soul, guided me to heal, and showed how much you truly care.”

“You helped me through really rough spots during my coming out.  I no longer fear being me.”

“You taught me to stand up for myself and love who I am.” 

“Your responsiveness and honesty really helped. You are truly gifted in your work.”

“Other therapists just sit there and barely said much.  You got me to see and feel things on the first visit.”

“Thank you for encouraging me to look in the mirror.  It was a great journey. You are a lifesaver.”

“When my gynecologist sent me to you, I was resentful.  Boy did I realize how much I stuffed my emotions and enabled people to mistreat me. Not anymore!

“Your office was my sanctuary to be myself and cry.  I never felt safe to let it out before.  You are a Godsend and a miracle worker, Dr. Sills.  I am so blessed to have found you.”

“There was so much abuse, so many layers, I never thought I would feel normal and happy or work through them all… but with your help, we did it together and I have hope for a bright future.”

“As a man, I was taught to keep a stiff upper lip.  My childhood abuse led me to become timid and unconfident.  This showed up at work when I was called upon at meetings.  You cured me from years of panic attacks and taught me self-respect.  Thanks to you, I just got promoted!”

“I’ve referred so many patients to Dr. Laurel Sills because of what she did for me.” MI Gynecologist